Tip #15 of 100 – Laminate this flyer

Laminate this flyer & post to owners to encourage 10% price reductions on properties that have been vacant for more than 10 Days. It’s getting close to peak time of the year for renting properties, but some properties may be vacant with no enquiry for greater than 10 days. To assist your team in educating […]

Tip #9 of 100 – ‘Tis the season…

‘Tis the season… to take the time to reflect on 2013 As another year draws to a close, you have a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what have been your personal highlights for the past 12 months. Perhaps it was watching your daughter graduate from Year 12 and kissing her goodbye as she embarked on […]

Tip #3 of 100 – Promote the benefits of the booking software to your clients

Promote the benefits of the booking software to your owners/clients Let them know how www.InspectRealEstate.com.au can help with finding tenants faster, meaning less days vacant and more rent. Please check out the flyer that Rod McLean uses at his First National Office at Maroochydore, Queensland. We are happy to create and personalise this listing kit […]

Tip #1 of 100 – Update your Voice mail Everyday

Why is voice mail so important? Because property managers & leasing agents spend so much time out of the office. By updating your voice mail (both mobile and landline) every day, you send a strong message to the caller that you are switched on, customer-focused and extremely professional. Updating your voice mail recording every day […]