After a short trial of another product along the same lines, I didn’t really believe there could be a lot of difference between the products however I was proven very wrong.  Our Leasing department is running so much more efficiently as is our admin division.  The fact that you all took the time to tweak the program to fit in with our office (being set up so differently from other real estates) was amazing and despite a couple of you having reservations about the changes it is working fantastically.  I can’t wait to see how January looks!  And I love that I can check on the progress of things from the time a tenant enquires right through to when their application has been processed and they are due to come in to sign up.

I do have one complaint…  Why doesn’t the program cover the other aspects of property management???  I would be able to retire!

Bronwen Morris LREA Chief Executive OfficerWise Realty