“The biggest technology-related improvement within the past 12 months in our office has very clearly stood out to be InspectRealEstate’s online booking system and its latest product key tracker. Both products very much simplify and automate two very mundane, yet time-consuming tasks: tracking keys, i.e. following up and keeping tabs on keys in and out of the office; and booking/scheduling property viewings/inspections for prospective tenants. In my opinion, the online booking system is saving us on average at least one hour per employee per day, and the key-tracking system is probably saving approximately 30-60 minutes per day.

The automation that both products provide actually enhances the users’/customers’ experiences significantly. It also removes the room for human error and miscommunication.

Despite the significant change in market conditions, our vacancy rate and days on market have remained very consistent and I very much attribute this to the online bookings system provided by InspectRealEstate.”

Cameron Ewers Pure Leasing Director