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IRE answers 99% of tenant inquiries

I was initially reluctant to use IRE when it first came out as we only work in a 5-10km radius and didn’t have any issues with clients not turning up for open homes and our office was conveniently close to our properties. However, here is what it does for us – IRE answers 99% of […]

The Column Chooser Feature

Column Chooser As our users are aware information in IRE is presented in tables. Depending on the product you are using the number of columns in each table can be quite large and potentially daunting.However, there is an easy way to personalise the way you interact with IRE database and that is with our column […]

Customised campaigns only a few clicks away

Customised campaigns only a few clicks away Our lead capture and management product, IRE BDM, now includes a new ‘campaigns’ feature. The ‘campaigns’ feature supplements the existing newsletter feature and allows agencies to trigger a sequence of customised messages in almost unlimited new ways.  Want to set up a series of emails or text messages […]

Don’t be in the dark on Privacy

As part of InspectRealEstate’s commitment to the security of your data, we have partnered with the Australian Government’s Information Commission to support Privacy Awareness week 2019.  The central message this year is “Don’t be in the dark on Privacy” and, from 12-8 May, we will explore a series of privacy priorities to put the focus […]