Here are some handy tips for using IRE during the COVID-19 pandemic so that you can continue to provide the best possible service to property seekers, current occupants and owners.

With IRE, you can easily schedule private inspections and ensure any attendees are pre-qualified and pre-registered, so that you always know who is turning up.

Other features that can help you navigate COVID-19 requirements include:
  • Dividing inspections into β€œslots” to control numbers and minimise contact
  • Allowing agents to quickly and easily make video inspections / tours and sending them to property seekers
  • Creating a β€œboarding pass” for every inspection, eliminating the need for contact or sharing pens.
Check out the videos below for more handy hints – which are available for both Sales and Rentals

And remember – we will update this information regularly as we develop new features so bookmark this page and visit regularly.

COVID-19 Tips

UPDATED 8:00AM 30/3/2020

NOTE πŸ”’- The links to the help files require you to be logged into IRE to access.

InspectRealEstate allows you customise all of your automatic responses to suit the message you are trying to relay to prospective tenants. In the video below we will step you through how to make these changes: 

How to edit Event Editor MessagesπŸ”’
How to Add property specific notificationsπŸ”’
Setting office Email SignatureπŸ”’

How To Add Property Specific and Pet Info πŸ”’

If enabled, Tenants can only register via the Register Page when they have a pending application that’s been pre-approved.

For those requiring inspection registration to only be available for tenants with pre-approved applications, our amazing Development Team have released another new feature this weekend!

The setting can be found in ROL Settings >> General under Display Settings (Diamond User Access Only), and how it appears in AppChecker/Tracker is in the screenshot.
Pre-Approved Tenants are then the only tenants who will be able book inspections with you.

What are Prequalification Questions and How to Enable Them πŸ”’

Using MobileROL you will be able to record a Video Tour of a property and upload it to InspectRealEstate.

This video can then be added to your messages sent from InspectRealEstate using the {VideoTourLink} merge field giving prospective tenants the opportunity to view the property without attending.

How To Add A Video Link To A PropertyπŸ”’
How to Add a Video Tour Link to a Property πŸ”’

The below instructional video will guide you through how to use this feature: 

The Time Slots feature within InspectRealEstate allows you to break your inspection up into specific slots meaning you can have individual attendees book a time within your 30 minute inspection window. The video below will step you through how to setup inspection slots:

How to create Inspection Slots πŸ”’

InspectRealEstate gives you the ability to upload your open for inspections but not display it as a public OFI. Using the book an inspection button on your website or people will have to register to inspect your properties giving you some visibility around who will be attending your inspection.   

How to create an inspectionπŸ”’
How to create a private inspectionπŸ”’
How to setup the ideal weekπŸ”’
Working with Delay TimesπŸ”’
How To Setup Hours Before Inspection ReminderπŸ”’
How To Setup Days Before Inspection ReminderπŸ”’

Adding your inspection to InspectRealEstate give you the option to limit the number of tenants allowed to register for an inspection. This can be done by adjusting the Max Tenants Setting. The video below will guide you through how to update the setting:  

How to set a Maximum Number of Tenants for Inspections πŸ”’

Everyone who enquiries on one of your properties will receive an automated message based on whether you have inspection time available or not. InspectRealEstate also allows you to communicate with all of these enquiries who have enquiried on one of your properties using an email and/or SMS. The below video will go through how you can contact tenants using templates within IRE:  

Setting up templates (Use for bulk email)
How to use message templates for manual contactπŸ”’
How to send messages to tenants in databaseπŸ”’
How to advise waiting tenants of an inspection timeπŸ”’

Keeping current occupants updated regarding upcoming inspections is an important part of the leasing process. InspectRealEstate allows you to not only advise occupants of an upcoming inspection but also allows you to manually contact them via email and/or SMS. The below video will go through how you can make sure you have your occupants recorded against your properties and how to communicate with them:

How to add current occupant πŸ”’

How to Advise Occupants of an Upcoming InspectionπŸ”’

❝We currently use IRE for our rental properties, just wondering how we can use Inspect Real Estate for our sales properties? ❞

YES – we Do the same for SALES …

If you require more assistance, please contact your account manager (go to β€œHelp > Contact us” in the IRE database).