IRE answers 99% of tenant inquiries

I was initially reluctant to use IRE when it first came out as we only work in a 5-10km radius and didn’t have any issues with clients not turning up for open homes and our office was conveniently close to our properties.

However, here is what it does for us – IRE answers 99% of tenant inquiries regarding our rentals and the availability of inspections. 

This has freed up our receptionist’s and PM’s in-boxes and reduced the number of incoming calls dramatically. 

It has definitely reduced our days on market and the stats provided are great for us to provide feedback to our clients, especially if a rental reduction is needed (not that this is an issue in our market at the moment).

It is great for prospective new business clients. We can provide figures on open homes conducted, days on markets and average rental figures, and show them exactly how many prospective tenants we are working with. 

It also allows your leasing officers/PMs to send a detailed report straight after the open home, which is great for communication. 

The AppTracker part of the system integrates with 1Form and allows us to keep track of application times and advise clients of progress – all with the click of a button. 

In the past couple of months we have trialled AppChecker with IRE and this has cut our processing time down by more than half

Automated reference checks are sent out and the referees can answer and return their responses via SMS or email almost immediately.

From a franchise owner’s point of view, every week I receive a report that shows me how many properties were opened, how many were leased, how many applications were processed, and how many tenants are still waiting on inspection times. This is invaluable at one-on-one meetings. 

In addition, the customer service/support is great. We would not be without IRE now.

Kylie Maxwell, Principal – LJ Hooker Queanbeyan