Potential landlords will soon be able to book an appraisal directly into your calendar.

The same mapping magic of IRE Rentals will be able to look at your existing calendar and calculate travel time between appraisals and/or the office. You will never double booked again.

Booking rental appraisals and listing presentations just got easier.

Imagine allowing potential landlords the flexibility to book times for meetings that suit them within your pre-approved time slots. Our existing IRE Rentals clients have been praising the Ideal Week calendar system for quite a while. It’s about time it arrived in IRE BDM.

One of the great things about opening available times for meetings is that you can control when and how the meetings are booked. Then we assist by making sure that you aren’t expected to be in two places at once. Intelligent mapping allows us to calculate your travel times door to door as soon as the meeting is booked and restrict additional meetings from being booked that you couldn’t possibly attend due to time and distance.

We can also add your personal booking link in emails that you send from IRE BDM giving potential landlords more opportunity to book their appraisal.

Why not get in contact and see for yourself?

For more information on how to use this feature, contact your Account Manager or stay tuned for a support document coming soon to the “Help>Training Notes” menu.