It’s often said a picture tells a 1,000 words… So to answer this tricky question that new clients often ask Cameron Ewers (Investor) & Andrew Reece (Property Manager) try to deliver some helpful hints via this video clip. Thanks to our friends at Residential Property Manager…/13454-think-tank-cameron-ewer…

Laminate this flyer & post to owners to encourage 10% price reductions on properties that have been vacant for more than 10 Days. It’s getting close to peak time of the year for renting properties, but some properties may be vacant with no enquiry for greater than 10 days. To assist your team in educating […]

A sure-fire way to impress new clients as well as maximise your precious time is to prepare a detailed agenda for meetings. Hand the agenda to the new client at the start of the meeting: thus, you will send a strong message to clients about your professionalism, enthusiasm and organisational skills. You will also ensure […]

Insert “1831” before a phone number to keep your caller ID confidential There are times, both professionally and personally, when you may want to protect the identity of your phone number. Circumstances may include: (a) a long-term debtor is refusing to respond to your normal calls as they can see your number (e.g. “Where’s my […]

Don’t underestimate the power of your name badge as a marketing tool. Your name badge identifies both you and your business – and represents a simple but subtle way of communicating with potential clients. This week, one of our clients shared a story that summed up the influence of the humble name badge. Rod McLean, […]

Even though it is the peak time of the year for renting properties, some properties may still be sticky when it comes to finding a new tenant fast. To assist your team in renting these stubborn properties, there are a number of things you can do. A few ideas are outlined in the ‘Hard-To-Rent’ property […]

Looking ahead to 2014 – Will it be the best year of your life? Yes, it can be – but you need to be prepared to reflect honestly on what you want to achieve, make a commitment to pursuing your chosen goals… and then take the necessary actions. If you had a magic wand, what […]

‘Tis the season… to take the time to reflect on 2013 As another year draws to a close, you have a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what have been your personal highlights for the past 12 months. Perhaps it was watching your daughter graduate from Year 12 and kissing her goodbye as she embarked on […]

Set up a standalone phone line that is advertised ONLY on your “For rent” signs. Then, when that particular unique “sign line” rings in the office, you know you are dealing with a prospective new tenant who has looked at the property’s location, likes what they have seen, and is probably sitting outside the property […]

As a property manager, you are constantly driving to lots of different properties and parking your car in many different places. With such busy days – showing properties and/or doing routine or vacating inspections – you may forget where you have parked your car. With smartphones, remembering is easy – just take a photo of […]

I recommend leaving your phone number twice at the start of a voice mail message to make it as easy as possible for the listener to obtain your number, record it and call you back. Conversely, it avoids the situation whereby clients have to waste time listening to long messages again if they don’t get […]

We are super excited about the training materials Rebecca has produced – 19 new videos and 19 PDFs – to assist our clients in growing their rent rolls faster. These materials have been prepared specifically to help business development managers (BDMs) and property managers with what to say at a listing presentation, how to use […]

Promote the benefits of the booking software to your owners/clients Let them know how can help with finding tenants faster, meaning less days vacant and more rent. Please check out the flyer that Rod McLean uses at his First National Office at Maroochydore, Queensland. We are happy to create and personalise this listing kit […]

An easy way to impress Clients is with your memory of what they like…. And an easy way to remember what they like is to add their coffee preference / sporting teams / favourite drinks / Childrens names to their contact details in your phone. If you add it to the field of the “Company […]

Why is voice mail so important? Because property managers & leasing agents spend so much time out of the office. By updating your voice mail (both mobile and landline) every day, you send a strong message to the caller that you are switched on, customer-focused and extremely professional. Updating your voice mail recording every day […]